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Ant Renamer 2.1 is very good file utility to rename files or folders
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Ant Renamer 2.1 is very good file utility to rename files or folders.
Ant Renamer offers a good set of options to rename files and folders and you can preview the file before you rename it. Ant Renamer offers several options to rename your files or folders.
The Ant Renamer GUI is very friendly and easy to use; this utility provides in every rename option a preview and even after rename files/folders you can undo the process. Ant Renamer records every action on its log.
The options to rename a file/folder include: Change extension, String replacement, Multiple string replacement, String insertion, Move string, characters deletion, Enumeration, Use mp3 tag info, Use date & time, Random names, Change case, Takes name from list, Regular expression, and Use EXIF info.
Ant Renamer was designed to rename but you can choose to copy instead of renaming by selecting a checkbox in the options window. Ant Renamer supports Unicode so you can rename files that have characters in Russian, Japanese, Greek, or other language. Ant Renamer supports command-line parameters also.
The installation process is very easy to perform. Ant Renamer's help provides good reference to solve any doubt on the software.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • Ant Renamer provides a good variety of option to rename files or folders; supports Unicode and command-line parameters also


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